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Sometimes you just need to start...

And, even if it doesn't become something great, at the very least, you can say, "I accomplished X, and that's more than nothing."

I have held on to the domain for almost 2 years, trying to think of what I could post on it, or how I could use it.  Recently, I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.  Don't get me wrong - I love my job (my current previous ones - well, they definitely got me to where I am now), and I think I have managed to get a grip on family. 

I've read lots and lots of blogs on self-help and self-improvement.  And I always figured that I needed a plan before I finally execute the plan.

Little did I realize that the years flew by, and I'm now 43 (GASP! I actually admitted it!).  My daughter is a sophomore in high school.  My son is in first grade.  I don't have much more time to plan.  I just need to try it and if it works, it works - YAY!  If it doesn't work, well, time for plan B.

I don't plan to give up reading more blogs/books on self-help or self-improvement.  I just need to DO SOMETHING before there is no more time left. 

My goals (and I don't want to label them as New Year's resolutions, because it won't ever get done):

  • Get my bills in order and lessen any and all frivolous expenses (which I'm finding is harder than not...)
  • (Simultaneously) Figure out a side hustle.  Or what I could do as a side hustle. Or - better yet - just DO IT.
  • SAVE SAVE SAVE.  College isn't going to pay for itself (come on kid - get a full ride scholarship!), so whatever ways I can scrimp, I must do it.  Plus, I'm publishing it on the Internet, so you know I HAVE to do it. 
  • Document what worked and what didn't work.  Because, at my advanced age, my brain isn't what it used to be, and I'll eventually need to remember what the heck I did previously.  Maybe this will enlarge my bag of tricks for whatever I need to do.
I guess one thing I should explain (again, to document so I remember) - how I got to choosing the name "".  

  1. I'm not entirely sure how I landed on "kurashikata" - but I remember looking in an Okinawan-English dictionary, and I liked the meaning - "How to make a living; a way of life; a style of life."  My way of living/methodology/mentality/reasoning are probably not what you would do, but this is how I live my life.  It's my style.  I'm hoping that by documenting it, I can come to some realizations (or rationalizations...dependent on how I look at it) about how my brain works, and maybe - just maybe - I can plan and predict the future.
  2. Other domains with "kurashikata" were already taken, and I didn't feel like spending a bunch of I chose
  3. Since I am Okinawan (isn't it obvious?), I figured my "pen name" should also be Okinawan too - so that's why I chose "chukuyaa", which means "a maker, a producer, a manufacturer" (I like this definition more than "farmer or peasant"...).  I do think of myself as a maker.  I like to make things.  Now if I can only make things and sell them.
Are these loft goals? Kind of.  But they have been bumping around my brain for a long time and I really haven't done anything about them.  So why not start now?  Truly.  Start. NOW.


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